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How to Start a WordPress Blog – Create Your Own Website Today

It seems like everyone has the “blogging itch” these days, and that’s a good thing, if you truly have something worthwhile to share with the world, then setting up your own website is a great way to do just that.

What Is The Best Survival Handgun?

America unprepared for devastating ‘Black Swan’

Seeing potential for large-scale chaos, they have mitigated this risk for themselves by investing hundreds of billions of dollars in a continuity-of-government plan that has overseen the construction, equipping and provisioning of over 100 classified ‘haven’ facilities accessible only to families and staff of government officials.

The Pope is Betraying Christianity

The Pope is a political prostitute who is betraying Christianity and selling out the principles of freedom.

This is what really happens during and after an economic collapse

I don’t know about the rest of the country but in my state the long lines are out of control. The government implemented a system in which you are given only one day of the week to be able to buy and this is decided according to your ID number. If your ID’s last number is 1-2 you can only buy on Mondays, if it’s 3 you only buy on Tuesdays and on and on. That doesn’t make the lines any smaller but I guess it would be even worse otherwise. Until recently people used to wake up really early in the morning, usually 4 am, to go to the store and be first in line, waiting several hours until the stores are open or it’s their turn to buy. My family tells me they’ve been waiting in lines as long as 8 hours to get a bag of milk, 2 bottles of cooking oil and flour (to make arepas). Recently they banned people from making lines before stores where opened and started issuing buses with military officers taking anyone who’s outside a store before it’s open and detaining them for 24 hours. I’ve heard they make then clean the military’s establishment but I have no way of backing this up. They call the buses “Dracula’s Bus”. This hasn’t stopped people from trying to get to the stores early in the morning so what they are doing now is hiding in the bushes so the military can’t spot them until they are able to buy.

Concealment Strategies Against Social Unrest, Theft, or Confiscation

It does little good to spend a lot of time and money in preparing for difficult times if you don’t also plan on securing those supplies against the very threats you are preparing for. Severe social dislocations caused by war, economic problems, or widespread natural disasters are almost always accompanied by looting, theft, and increased criminal behavior—sometimes in large mobs that even police cannot control. We need to plan ahead on how to deal with those threats without resorting to violent confrontations, which should be a last resort.

Gay couples want Kentucky clerk to reissue marriage licenses

Why don’t they just go over to another county and get their “license”? I mean really if they want to get married so badly and it’s really that important to them, then why keep messing around in Rowan County, why not just go over to a bordering county that will issue licenses and get hitched up, then tied up, bound, gagged or whatever they want to do on their wedding night behind closed doors.