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FBI vs Apple – It’s not about retrieving data from the San Bernardino Terrorists Phone, it’s about opening a backdoor for easy access into everyone phone

Hey, dumbass the FBI has already been in the phone and retrieved any information, they are just using this as an excuse to force Apple to open a backdoor for them so that they can have easy access to EVERYONES phones and data.

Mind Control – Television, Sports, News Media Are Used To Manipulate & Control You!

Are you ready for a Collapse of the U.S Food Supply System and a Coming Food Crisis?

You never ever thought this could happen in America. Well it is, and if you arent’t prepared you could be putting your whole family in jeopard.

Is this the cure for cancer? Genetically modified blood turned into ‘living drug’ in stunning new therapy that hunts down and destroys diseased cells and prevents them from returning – possibly FOREVER