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25 Prepping Excuses That the SHTF Won’t Care About

SHTF doesn’t generally drop by at the most convenient of times, nor does SHTF care about your prepping excuses. In fact, SHTF thrives and grows exponentially under more adverse circumstances.

Malnutrition, starvation strike Venezuelan children; doctors stealing hospital food to feed families as government collapse accelerates

As the economy unwinds, doctors are now stealing hospital food to feed their families. The government-run hospitals have basically been treating patients who are going hungry. Since the government controls the distribution of food through state-owned supermarkets, the government-run hospitals are given first priority for food supplies. According to reports, doctors are now stealing that food and taking it home to malnourished family members, including newborns.

Big Pharma suffers another major blow as study debunks high cholesterol myths, admitting statins are totally worthless

Scientists are reporting that cholesterol drugs, which 15 million Americans are prescribed, are also completely worthless. A group of international researchers published a study in the BMJ Open journal that found no link between what’s known as “bad” cholesterol and death as a result of heart disease in individuals over 60 years of age.

“Rare, dangerous” heat headed to parts of the Western US

It’s a dry heat, Phoenix residents like to say about Arizona’s hot weather. That bravado may vanish as the thermometer flirts with 120 degrees this weekend.

Florida gun store owner warned FBI weeks ago about Omar Mateen

Orlando Shootings: More To Come, What To Do

We now know that mass shootings can occur anywhere, anytime. They can occur in churches, schools, nightclubs, and at holiday parties. They can occur at 2 in the morning and they can occur in the middle of the day. What would be your response if confronted?

Dealing with Troubled Teens in a Post-Collapse World- Part 1

The collapse has happened. You thought you were prepared for just about any challenging circumstance. Do you have enough food? Check. Enough water? Check. Enough guns and ammo? Check. Are you ready to deal with unexpected guests, including lazy, rebellious, criminal, troubled teenagers? You better check!