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Daily Collapse Report for Feb 4 2017

1. Michigan GOP Official Calls For ‘Another Kent State’ For Campus Protesters…

When they are burning down buildings, throwing stuff, smashing windows and attacking people it’s not protesting anymore it is rioting. The police need to go in with tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, sound cannons and other non-lethal tactics and shut this shit down. Rioters should be dealt with for what they are rioters and not treated like peaceful protesters.

However, I’d not advocate going as far as Dan Adamini, former chair and current secretary of the Marquette County Republican Party who tweeted:

“I’m thinking another Kent State might be the only solution protest stopped after only one death,” he posted on Facebook on Thursday. “They do it because they know there are no consequences yet.”

2. And looks who’s funding these riots… it’s George Soros…

Yep, good old George. The recent article over at the daily caller goes into detail about who is funding and therefore responsible for all of the rioting and destruction by the lunatic left who would organize a protest aka a violent riot if president Trump found a care for cancer and wanted to give it away for free.

It’s strange how when Obama was elected/appointed to the presidency and anyone opposed him or disagreed with his policies they were quickly labeled a “racist” by the left and often ripped to shreds by the media who also pulled the race card. Well, folks, I’m pulling the race card today! Many of the rioters are doing so not because of Trumps stated policies but because he is white. They are racists who are pissed off that a white man is president of the United States again – but Soros and other backers and organizers have a different agenda entirely and are just using the rioters as useful idiots to further their own agenda.

3. And the attacks on police continue…

The website Blue Lives Matter reports that seven Indianapolis area police officer’s homes were vandalized in one night. Most likely, the perpetrators are teenagers who live in the suburb where the attacks took place, but that’s just my guess since the vandalism is still being investigated, but one this is certain and that is that there is about a 100% chance that the vandals were spurred on by what they’ve seen and heard from the mainstream media news outlets and pop culture.

4. Bush-appointed judge halts Trump travel ban nationwide…

Federal judge James Robart has ruled that president Trumps the executive order would be stopped nationwide, effective immediately because he says it’s unconstitutional – so apparently having borders is unconstitutional according to this judge… So as of this writing president Trumps temporary travel ban is void and no longer in effect. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has stated it intends to file an emergency stay of this order and defend the executive order of the President, which we believe is lawful and appropriate,” the late Friday statement from the Department of Justice read.

My question is why doesn’t  Federal judge James Robart open his home and personally take in a few of those refugees… seems to me that would be the right and just thing for him to do.

The latest – Airlines Resume Flying Passengers Blocked Under Travel Ban into the United States.

5. Heads up Iran… you’re not dealing with your friend and ally Barack Hussein Obama anymore…

According to National Security Advisor Michael Flynn the Trump administration will no longer tolerate Iran’s provocations that threaten U.S. interests. The Trump administration has imposed sanctions on Iran for their actions – I guess we will have to wait and see what comes next, but that will probably depend on what Iran does next.  Iran will “keep pushing it” and continue to test and develop it’s nuclear arsenal and it’s ballistic missiles.

According to reports; Iran has the technological ability to target any point on the planet with an intercontinental ballistic missile should it choose to do so.

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