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Daily Collapse Report For March 21 2017

1. KIM JONG-BOOM Crazed North Korean despot Kim Jong-un’s troops blow up US aircraft carrier and shoot down bomber in propaganda video

Does this guy really believe that he can defeat the U.S. Military? Or does he know something that we don’t? Via The Sun.

Meanwhile… Kim Jong-Un vows to reduce the US ‘to ashes’ with nuke strikes if Donald Trump fires ‘even a single bullet’ at North Korea. Via The Sun.

2. Ann Coulter: ‘Fascism’ Coming Not From Trump, But From The Courts Blocking Him.

True words from Ann Coulter. I’m beginning to think that Trump will be a failed president, who tried but never really got anything done about illegal “immigration” and refugees from terrorist hot spots, or really anything else. She also said, “maybe it is simply time to impose one of candidate-Trump’s proposals for a complete pause on all immigration to the United States”. What do you think? Via The DC Caller.

3. $20 trillion debt deserves as much attention as Dow hitting 20,000

As of Monday afternoon, the US debt, according to, stood at $19.849 trillion — and was rising at the rate of $13,404,542 an hour. That’s $321,709,008 million a day. Via The New York Post.

4. The Trump Triumph Changes Economic Predictions for 2017

For a short time, we should see some improvements. However, numerous structural flaws in the US economy ultimately assure economic collapse because those flaws have not been dealt with for decades, are not being dealt with in any of the Donald’s plans, and are most likely too far gone now to ever deal with. Trump’s plan will even make some of those structural flaws much worse in the long run. Via Gold Seeker.

5. The U.S Economic Outlook 2017 Is Loaded with Risk

Trump’s Plans Could Make it Worse. Donald Trump’s proposed financial deregulation could make the influence of derivatives more pernicious. This is one of the main restraints against making any sensible prediction of the U.S. economy growth rate. Via The Lombardi Letter.

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