Does Donald Trump still want to be president?

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I don’t think that he really did at the start of his presidential campaign… he first ran as a publicity stunt and because he likes the attention of being in the media spot lite, he didn’t think that he had a chance of winning so he just said whatever popped into his head… but then he started winning… so he couldn’t stop and here we are.

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  1. 173d Viet Vet May 18th, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    M.D. – – What we are seeing a dangerous game being played by the DemonicRats and their propaganda media (assisted by the feckless RINO’s). We are seeing sedition writ large with the goal of overthrowing a sitting President using fake news aggravated by the ignorance and laziness of Joe Citizen. The lack of basic Civics knowledge ( thanks to our “government schools” ) allows the populace to believe that Trump has done things wrong.

    The facts speak otherwise. but learning the facts is not easy when the media covers them up, makes up facts and repeats their lies in a full court press.

    Alex Jones at Info Wars has a good deal of the facts available, 18 May edition, which I recommend to you and your readers. And yes, I do recognize that Alex Jones is a bit of a fear-monger, but that does not mean his ideas should not be considered.


  2. Christian Gains May 20th, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Having spent 40+ Yrs. as a FIELD Missionary, (that means an “ACTS 2:44 – 45; & 4:32 – 37; “ALL BY FAITH MY BROTHER!” Missionary), AND, having learning to TRUST the Lord, not just “USE HIM”, I’ve found that FAITH in HIS promises; KNOWLEDGE of HIS Word; and DILIGENCE in my obedience, makes life a MUCH more enjoyable, AND CHALLENGING matter; BUT, makes it MUCH MORE inspiring, & fruitful.

    The reason I mention this “faith” matter has to do with Trump’s ascendancy to the Presidency.

    A study of the ascendancy of Cyrus, (aka as “Cyrus the Great”,[Isa. 44: 24 – 28, & 45:1 – 11); If one studies these verses PRAYERFULLY, one discovers that Yahwey Yehovah does NOT choose His “tools” based upon OUR understanding, but rather upon HIS knowledge of the NEED at the Time; [Ester is another PRIME example of this FACT, as are the 12 Disciples, (ALL of whom were NOT what the so-called “WISE MEN” of their times, would have chosen).

    AND! A CENTRAL THYME of Yahwey’s doings, is that HE knows the end BEFORE the beginning! As in sending HIS Son, and then allowing men to murder him, and, by doing so, Yahwey made the sacrifice, that gave ALL of humankind the OPTION of FORGIVENESS and SALVATION.

    BUT! Trump is STILL ONLY a human, (as you & I), thus, fallible. AND, for Yahwey’s plan to fulfill it’s purpose, YOU & I MUST choose to TRUST, and PRAY for Yahweys’ WILL to be done, [Rom.12:1-2].

    I FULLY agree that “The Donald” didn’t begin his Campaign with an expectation of winning, but he DID determine to follow through to the FULL CONCLUSION, as genuine “winners” do.

    Tho what I’m saying MIGHT “insult” some folks’ concept of intelligence, none-the-less, I MUST insert the factor of SPIRITUAL REALITY, less we MISS Yahwey’s intentions. Please forgive me if I AM causing you discomfort, but History is replete with proofs that “all that we SEE or ENCOUNTER, is NOT ALL that influences and genuinely motivates reality. AND to ignore that possibility of such a REALITY has proven deadly SERIOUS, MANY, MANY times, throughout History, whereas, to accept such a reality, has LITERALLY CHANGED History, for the better, time & time again.

    If “We the People…”, do as George Washington is depicted as doing during the MOST SEVERE times at Valley Forge, & CRY OUT for the LORD’S help, guidance, protection & provision, History reveals that “God IS still upon His throne, & Prayer DOES change things”.

    To counter the VILE & DARK SPIRITUAL FORCES that are raging and assaulting BOTH Trump, AND our Nation, trying a SINCERE Prayer can Certainly NOT make things worse, But! CAN, most assuredly, help & clear the way for our Nation to begin to defeat the forces aligned against us. (Ephesians 6:12; & II Cor. 10:3- 5]. BOTH SPIRITUAL, & PHYSICAL,….Try it, you MIGHT like it’s results! Just say’in!


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