President Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban – Suck it up Snowflakes or Melt Away

Well, folks, it looks like the lunatic left over at the Huffington Post and most other mainstream news outlets are having a meltdown over President Trump’s temporary travel ban from seven  countries including Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan.

First of all, despite how loud the lunatic left screams it, it’s not a “Muslim ban” it’s a temporary travel and refuge ban affecting those seven predominantly Muslim countries because those seven countries are infected with ISIS supporters and are a breeding ground for future planning and attacks on the United States.

The purpose of the temporary ban is to allow time for the vetting process to be looked at and overhauled to ensure to the best of ability that those who are being brought into the U.S. are not coming in with the intent of harming American lives or infrastructure.

Who can argue with that… apparently, the lunatic left who are intent on open borders (if you have no borders then you have no country) and bringing in anyone and everyone despite the danger and burden on the taxpayer at a whopping $20,000 per refugee per year. Money that could be used to help our own homeless families and children or for education and infrastructure.

The welfare of legal citizens of the United States should come first before refugees and illegals (no they aren’t undocumented workers they are criminals who have broken the law by entering the country illegally).

I watched a “lawyer” on the nightly news last night saying how the temporary travel ban denied those affected “constitutional rights”, I don’t know where this guy got his law degree but he needs to go back for a refresher course.

If you’re not a legal citizen of the United States of American then you have NO constitutional rights and NO inherent right to enter the country NOR do you have a right to protest not being allowed to enter the country.

Suck it up snowflakes or melt away because a new president in the White House and I don’t see him backing down on this because it’s the right thing to do.

Looks like his luck ran out…

A man whose drug-related prison sentence was commuted in November by President Barack Obama has been fatally shot at a federal halfway house in Michigan after two men with assault-style rifles sought him out, police said.

Oh the lunatic left is so tolerant and full of sugar plums…

What happens when you wear a Trump hat in NYC? YouTube star films himself ‘being harassed and SPAT on’ while parading around Manhattan in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat after women’s march.

Trump signs five more orders on pipelines, steel and environment

Whether you agree or not with what he is doing I think it’s great to finally have a president who actually does something besides going on vacation and kissing the butt of foreign interest.

Wake up America, we are still heading for economic collapse!


This is potentially a massive problem, because our entire debt-fueled standard of living is dependent on foreigners lending us gigantic mountains of money at ultra-low interest rates. If the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt just got back to 5 percent, which would still be below the long-term average, we would be paying out about a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt. If foreigners keep dumping our debt and if Treasury yields keep climbing, a major financial implosion of historic proportions is absolutely guaranteed within the next four years.

So far President Trump is standing by his word to put the United States first as he should

President Trump Abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama’s Signature Trade Deal

With the stroke of a pen on his first full weekday in office, Mr. Trump signaled that he plans to follow through on promises to take a more aggressive stance against foreign competitors as part of his “America First” approach.

Universities across the fruited plain are trying to convince men to grow lady parts

Instead of a country full of manly men, our universities want a nation full of Pajama Boys. Because apparently, being a man is just inherently wrong and being a white male is like being Satan incarnate. Well, guess what…

I am a white male and I carry no guilt because of it.