Prepping 101 : What You Should Do to Ensure Your Survival

Prepping 101 – by Ski

In our day to day life, we must have clothes, water, and food, or we will not survive. Disasters can and do disrupt people’s ability to acquire all three. Other things besides the three essentials may be needed depending upon the nature of the disaster. Many disasters require the same things to survive, a few require specific tools. In this article, I want to examine a few disasters and the unique tools needed to survive them.

Many disasters require common preparations beyond the three survival essentials. The three most common of these appear to be planning, training, and compassion. I organized the disasters below by the responses needed to survive them, listing both preparations that should be taken before the disaster occurs and specialized equipment needed if you wish to maximize your chances of survival against that particular disaster. Not all survivalists try to prepare for all possible disasters. Your survival plan is where you decide what you need to prepare for.

You must have a survival plan. Those who fail to plan have planned to fail. Planning and training will allow you to overcome panic; both yours and others’ around you.

First aid is probably the first training any survivalist should get as it is usable in just about any emergency. Every survivalist should take a basic and advanced first aid course. They are available from the American Red Cross for a small fee just about everywhere.

A modest first aid kit in your car is a small expense and can literally mean the difference between life and death. Other training may be needed to complete your survival plan. Fire arms training is available from the NRA or local rifle range for non-military folk.

Informal training in how to use a protective mask is available from any Guardsman or ex-military buddy you know. Growing and canning your own food would be an excellent training to get – especially for city slickers who’ve never done it – available from peaceniks and grandma’s everywhere; though most of them say it’s too much fun to be considered training.

Although you and your family are preparing, realize that the overwhelming majority around you are not. Providing advice, water, and directions to the nearest safe area may be all you can do if there is a large disaster. But when others see you using your first aid, organizing others to help themselves, giving Gatorade and ration bars out for free (they don‘t need to know you‘re doing it only because it‘s time to rotate your stock); this alone is sometimes enough to prevent panic.

Panic sometimes does more damage than the disaster does. Most sheeple will follow anyone who looks like a leader. If you are one of this blog’s readers who are not moved by Christian charity nor love of your fellow man, even you should be able to see the advantage of giving survivors enough help for them to reach a safe area.

Even the most cold hearted should be able to see helping your unprepared neighbors evacuate is better than having a scared disorganized starving mob milling around your refuge. So, whether you live for God, are just a humanitarian, or the roughest toughest individual survivalist in the state, you should prepare to help the unprepared around you.

Now, on to some specific equipment:

Biological attack/epidemic
Preparation: Ensure you and your family are fully immunized. Maintain a healthy diet. For those who feel immunizations are a mistake (there are legitimate concerns here) a healthy diet will be essential. Some people include a vitamin regimen, some don’t. If you do, you’ll need to store those with your food supply.

Equipment: A protective mask; In my military and civilian employment I have worn many different protective masks. The MSA Millennium is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn by far. See it here. I bought a brand new one for every member of my family on eBay for less than 40 FRNs each. Don’t forget replacement filters as well. Any CBRN rated filter will do. Since the water could be contaminated, store water or clean the water you gather with a filter and a steripen.

Chemical accident/attack
Preparation: Check out the area 20 miles around your home. Is there a chemical plant of some kind close to you? Railroad? Freeway? A large Agricultural storage facility? How about a manufacturing plant that uses poisonous chemicals? One good way to find out is ask the fire department.

Ask to review their Hazardous Material Management Plan. It lists all the hazardous materials being used by industries within the district. Once you know what industrial chemicals are close to you can look at the filters ratings to see if your filters can protect you.

Check with your neighbors to see if any of them will require help in evacuating. This is a good way to teach others emergency preparedness.

Equipment: A protective mask and filters, stored water or water filters. The government talks about plastic and tape to seal your house. While this will offer some protection to your house, I wouldn’t trust my life to it – evacuation is the only way to handle a chemical attack/spill (unless you actually have a filtered ventilation system in your house, in which case please contact me by e-mail as I would be a very valuable addition to your survival team ).

Civil disorder/riot
Preparation: Find at least two other survivalist types who live close to you. Do not face the mob alone! Ya gotta sleep sometime. Write a survival plan for the (at least) three of you to defend each other at one location – whoever has the safest place. Practice your survival techniques together.

Equipment: Ah, every survivalist’s favorite! Guns. Well, almost every survivalist…peaceniks with useful skills (gardening, medical, welding, mechanical, whatever) are also a valuable addition to any survival group. But, one firearm per adult with sufficient ammunition is probably a good rule. Having an extra one for your peacenik buddy might be a good idea because they may change their mind when they see how thin the veneer of civilization really is.

Survivalists love to talk about what kind of gun you need. What you really need is something you can hit with. A mixture of different types of firearms is a good thing as it gives the group different capabilities. Some other equipment to consider: body armour, a good first aid kit, and legal documents of some kind that tell the authorities you really do live here; you’re not a refugee nor looter of some kind.

Financial collapse
Own your own land so you have somewhere to simply be. One lot is enough. Some survivalists have pooled their resources to purchase junk land in a remote place where they will all gather. Either store large amounts of food or be prepared to grow your own – maybe both would be best.

Personally, I think when the Federal Reserve Note the USA is using today collapses, they’ll just invent some other kind of fake money to use. I’m convinced the Federal Reserve Note is being collapsed on purpose to usher in an electronic debit currency; RFID tattoos who’s real purpose is people tracking and control.

But, whatever bizarre scheme they come up with, gold and silver will always be acceptable – so they seems the most likely real money to store. Gold is too expensive for me, but one or two silver coins a pay day is imminently doable.

I buy mine at swap meets where I always ask for the dented/scratched coins no collector will buy, as long as it says “one ounce of fine silver“ on it. I pay no more than four FRNs above the spot price available here: among other places.

Some survivalists suggest ammunition will be usable as a currency. That makes sense to me. I’m a military man with no training in finance, so would welcome others’ opinion on what else could be stored for use when the FRN fails.

For those who don’t know, Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are not dollars as they are backed by…nothing. The dollar is defined as “the value set by Congress for one ounce of silver”; something they haven’t done since the 1950s. Obviously, I’m kinda miffed about Congress‘ failure to perform this constitutionally required responsibility.

Nuclear war
Preparation: Understand that the dreaded fallout is just dust. It falls from the sky like dust, it travels on the wind like dust, it can be filtered like dust, and it can be washed off like dust; because that’s all it is.

Anything that keeps the dust away from you lessens your radiation exposure. For those of us who just have to build an underground fallout shelter, it really isn’t that hard. 6” of concrete and 3’ of packed earth give a protection factor over 500 (divides your exposure by 500 -or said a different way- 10,000 REM [ death within 10 minutes] becomes 20 REM [won’t even notice it] ) which is enough to survive fallout from a mult-megaton explosion, and with a good metal door, a hurricane.

Also makes a good place to store your stuff. At one time, many houses had such a place. It was called a root cellar. In Minnesota and the Dakotas they’re called tornado shelters. We had on in our basement when I was a kid.

Equipment: You’ll need radiation detection instruments to see the radiation (well, hear it actually). I bought a complete CD V-777 set of three instruments plus manuals on ebay for 40 FRNs. These are the civil defense instruments that are now being sold off by the various states. They’re historical, cool, fun to play with; and exactly what a survivalist needs. Look here for details or Google “CD V-777”.

Radiological accident
Preparation: Check out the area 20 miles around your home. Is there a radioactive facility of some kind close to you? Most of us don’t even have to worry about this. If you do, consider prevailing winds and pre-plan two or three different escape routes. Consider which of them will be jammed by panicked sheeple.

Equipment: A radiological accident is far less dangerous, but only a little less scary to the uninformed. A protective mask (remember the MSA Millennium?) and a CD V-777 is enough to allow you to sit and hope the wind doesn’t blow it to where you are, and they tell you if you’re driving the wrong way.

Some will ask why I don’t mention Potassium Iodide tablets as a radiation blocker. It’s because I’m not going to use them. I know my protective mask does a far superior job of preventing radioactive iodine uptake than those pills do. And of course they do not block any of the hundreds of other isotopes contained in fallout. They only block radioactive iodine and only protect the thyroid – no other organs.

The Great Tribulation
Now, this is the ultimate tough one. The Bible gives us a preview of the end of the world. It says many different disasters will be in play at the same time. Government tyranny of the worst kind, economic collapse, followed by famine then epidemics, a one world government under control of an evil leader, cumulating in a war that will kill two thirds of the world’s population and destroy a third of the world’s resources of all kinds.

It will also be open season on Christians who will be killed wherever they are found. Our Jewish cousins can give us some insight into what that’s like having already experienced it. The good news is Jesus’ return puts a stop to it all. For Christians this may be a good time to choose not to survive; to willing announce our faith in God knowing we will be killed for it.

Maybe, by our deaths some of the unsaved will finally understand why these things are really happening and commit their souls to God. We can review these sure-to-happen future events in the Book of Mathew chapter 24 and the Book of the Revelation Chapters 13 – 18.

For those of us who are not Christian – who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about – just understand that your Christian cousins have it on very good authority that the end of the world will contain all of these disasters at once, and that we believe those alive today may see it.

If we’re wrong about the timing, then we believe our children will see it. This shouldn’t be too difficult for non-Christian survivalists. Just look at current world events. What’s happening today cannot continue without consequence – something’s gotta give.

For the non-Christian, your best chance of survival is to join the system, take the mark that will be required so you can use the new money system, swear loyalty to the evil one world leader – denouncing God will be part of swearing that allegiance – then do what you’re told like a good little slave.

If you do this, you will gain 3 ½ years then die in the war. Of course, afterwards, you will be judged by the God you don’t believe in and so easily renounced at the judgment you also don‘t believe in. And there will be no surviving that.

See one of your Christian buddies for further details. While you’re busy with your survival preparations, don’t forget your spiritual preparations, because no matter how great a survivalist we are – we will die eventually. Remember, even after we’re dead the number one rule of survivalism still applies: When the disaster occurs, the time for preparation is over.

Transportation accident (car, plane, ship, train)
Preparation: This is the most likely of all the emergency situations we will face. Many of us already have. Basic and advanced first aid classes. Learn how to swim (or at least how to use a life vest). Practice turning off your engine and getting out of your car. I know that last one sounds silly, but when you’re confused or hurt, you can only do then what you’ve practice beforehand.

Equipment: This is where the first aid kit in your car is most likely going to be used first. Remember, in this case even level 3 TEOTWAWKI super trained and equipped survivalist only has to survive and assist others until help arrives – a couple of hours at most. And I assure you, if you take those classes and only once in your whole life you use them, only once, and save only one life – it will be worth it! You will be glad you did.

9 responses to Prepping 101 : What You Should Do to Ensure Your Survival

  1. porkybeans January 3rd, 2015 at 11:51 am

    I quit your article after reading the ‘compassion’ section. You are absolutely insane to think anyone under any circumstances should give anyone anything after teotwawki. So you go ahead and open your heart and your stores after the lights go out and see just how long you and your children live. It disgusts me that in this late stage of the game we still find someone preaching ‘love’ for the abomination called a ‘non-prepper’. Would you fork over the money to pay the mortgage for a person that threw away their money on drugs this month? Would you meet their car payments? What if they were basically nice people like most non preppers and simply refused to work [eg. prep]? Would you still pay their bills for them with your hard earned money? Hell no you wouldn’t, so why give them your preps, or advise us to give away ours to lazy, self inflicted starving to death people. You need to get your head into the real world and stop living in la la land. Because in your present state of mind you are good for nothing but to get yourself and those you love killed. Throw up all the mental and verbal defensive barriers you like and live in denial, but the bottom line is you need to go back to the dugout, rearrange your game plan, and then step up to home plate with a new state of mine.


    • Mark January 5th, 2015 at 4:52 pm

      I sincerely hope you never face a situation where you need the help of others. You know, like needing an operation, having a tornado or a fire destroy your house, etc.


  2. Chuck Holland January 3rd, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    I like your article a lot.
    Being a Christian however, I believe in the rapture.
    For folks who do not know.
    Jesus appears in the eastern clouds and calls his children home.
    (The dead in Christ shall rise first,then we who are alive and remain
    will be caught up together with Him in the clouds).1 Thess 4:16,17
    I understand some doctrines do not teach the rapture of the church.
    I do. I have studied the Bible for a long time and I do not claim to be a scholar.
    I just believe when Jesus died on the cross for my sins he paid that price for me so I would not have to.
    Thank you for allowing me to post.
    And may God bless you and all your readers.


    • Barry January 5th, 2015 at 6:25 pm

      I too am a Christian and I too believe in the rapture. But can you give me one verse of scripture – just one verse – that says WHEN the rapture takes place. With all due respect to the the preachers and Bible teachers that teach a pre-trib rapture – it just isn’t there. There is never a time frame mentioned in either Matthew 24 nor Revelation that says THE RAPTURE takes place at the beginning or middle ore even the end. Better to be prepared for it to take place at the end and be blessed if it takes place earlier.


      • mountaingypsy January 6th, 2015 at 9:39 am

        Barry, Good for you in pointing this out. I however do not believe that event at all, and the term rapture is NOT in the bible. It is strange how many diligently prep, but the goal is death and heaven, or getting ‘raptured’. IF that does not occur, in a timely fashion, after shtf, when all believers are planning, they will have a rude awakening and hard life to bear. They will have moral, ethical Christian choices to make about helping others, killing, and stealing, instead of escaping…..


  3. Gino Schafer January 3rd, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    Just an FYI, I spent 15 years at a nuke plant as the site radiochemist. Potassium iodide is only effective for younger individuals. So if you are over 40, don’t bother. In addition to your respirator, you will also need anti-Cs for a nuclear event that involves fallout. Training on how to properly doff and don anti-Cs is required for them to be effective. Otherwise, excellent article. Thank you.


  4. tonquin January 5th, 2015 at 3:38 am

    I too am a Christian, BUT do not believe in a Rapture. I think it is biblical that we will go through the tribulation. Best to be prepared.


  5. Dede January 5th, 2015 at 4:04 am

    WOW!!! Hello a Real Shaker, Mover, Eye Opener Article. You Always Surprise Me!! 🙂 Just when I’m feeling pretty good about my preps. Or I have it covered. You Send a “WAKE UP!” Article.
    Then I feel like Chicken Little, again. What did I forget? What can I do more of. I Know that this is a real get your head out of the sand article. Thanks again as always 🙂


  6. Rockmanr January 6th, 2015 at 2:57 am

    As a kid I saw the Cuban missile crisis. In a few hours the grocery stores were bare to the walls. Those that had food made it very clear they were not going to share it period. That happened here for real. People will act the same again. When it comes to survival you have no friends to count on but yourself


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