Daily Collapse Report for Feb 17 2017

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1. EMP: Technology’s Worst Nightmare…
Given the current state of U.S. unpreparedness for an EMP event, it is estimated that within 12 months of an EMP event, two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would likely perish from starvation, disease, and societal breakdown.

2. North Korea, the real threat…
The regime’s irrationality makes a catastrophic missile strike plausible. An EMP that blacks out the national electric grid would be a far greater catastrophe than blasting a city. A North Korean 10-kiloton warhead blasting a city might cause about 200,000 casualties. However, the same warhead making a high-altitude EMP attack — though there would be no blast, thermal or fallout effects on the ground — could knock out the electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for more than a year, killing 90 percent of the population through starvation.

3. You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food…
It’s totally fine to eat a product even well after its so-called expiration date. With canned foods, if the seal isn’t broken or the cans bulging then I’ll eat it regardless of the “use by date” and I’ve never had any issues. This is a good article for preppers who are unsure about the dates and what to eat, store or throw out.

4. This Terrifying American supervolcano could trigger an ICE AGE when it erupts…
The risks from an American supervolcano with the potential to cause worldwide havoc “should not be ignored”, according to expert geologists. It would be a yuge mess… Get it… yuge?

5. And another disaster waiting to happen in North Korea…
A HUGE volcano in North Korea could be on the brink of erupting, and if it does, the explosion could be so severe that it would cause devastation around the entire globe, scientists have warned.

6. And yet another one…
Supervolcano ‘worse than Vesuvius’ that could kill MILLIONS and bring the world economy to its knees ‘ready to blow’.

7. And more about super volcanos and what will happen when one erupts…
A supervolcano lies under Yellowstone — here’s what would happen if it erupted. The explosion likely wouldn’t totally wipe out human life, but it certainly would be destructive, especially to the western half of the US.

8. Current Pandemic Threats…
With global pandemic threats, it’s a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’,” said Andrew Natsios, former USAID Administrator and current Director of the Scowcroft Institute at Texas A&M. “The best way to prevent a pandemic in the U.S. is to stop it overseas, so the strategies shared today speak directly to America’s national security interests.”

9. Looming Economic Crisis to be Blamed on Trump, Experts Warn…

An economic crisis of potentially historic proportions appears to be just around the corner, and the establishment may be setting up President Donald Trump and other anti-globalist forces to take the blame for it. So says former congressman and GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and other economic experts with a proven track record of accuracy who have studied the issue. And at this point, there is probably nothing that can be done to stop it.

10. Peter Schiff: ‘Inflation is headed up’ on both producer, consumer level…
Rampant inflation in the United States is just around the corner, warns one financial guru. And you’re already beginning to see signs of this in many different areas of the economy as well as on a consumer and producer level.

11. U.S. household debt at highest level since 2008: Federal Reserve study…
According to a new report from the United States central bank, household debt levels have surged to their highest levels since 2008 as households added $226 billion in debt in the fourth quarter of last year. The U.S. now has a total household debt of $12.58 trillion.

12. U.S. Economic Collapse Looms as Bankruptcy & Debt Rise, Savings Plunge…
After years of declines, bankruptcies are on the rise again in the United States. Commercial bankruptcies have been rising since late 2015, while consumer bankruptcies posted back-to-back increases in January 2017; the first time since the financial crisis nearly seven years ago. Is this an anomaly or a warning sign of a U.S. economic collapse?

5 responses to Daily Collapse Report for Feb 17 2017

  1. Anonamo Also February 17th, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    You left out the coming collapse of the Oroville Dam. The next great inland sea. Just from the facts I have been able to find to date… No one is currently telling hundreds of thousands of people to leave the entire valley.
    Engineeers and heavy equipment operators have said the process being used is ineffective for the amout of water that must be moved.
    Weather manipulation… huuumm-m-m.. where is it ,when they need to block those storms.? Causing them? are ose operators of it friend or foe? Just askin’
    Rain has fallen on snow pack. Soil is saturated. Almost All levees are filled and close to the top, Many rivers are already at flood stage. Some national guard troops are in the area, planning for evacuations, that have not been announced. It would affect the economy too bad.People must be slaves to their paycheck. they have not put away any reserve for any break in their normal.
    So money /lack and desire of..is putting lives in Jeopardy. No place is any place to live ,when covered in water. Out of state would be a good choice… just sayin’ .
    .No Dam break then you can live in relative safety. want to live by a Dam , go North of Hoover Dam… at least it is dry there, for now til they direct more rains to that area.


  2. Bluesman February 19th, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    #10 ,
    Inflation has been ” inflating” every time I go shopping ! It has been most noticeable at the grocery store . My electric bill, car insurance , home insurance, and just about every other area of our expenses has increased as well .
    One of these days the bubble will pop and this financial house of cards will come crashing down . Stock up on essentials and stay alert to the world around you !


  3. Txndeplorable February 20th, 2017 at 4:29 am

    I have attempted to post several times but keep getting duplicate posting msg and nothing gets posted. Could someone look into this ,please.


  4. Txndeplorable February 22nd, 2017 at 3:30 am

    Why do the North Koreans have such strong feelings against America, and is it so strong they would actually risk our assured retaliation to use an emp on us ?


  5. Christopher February 24th, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Any widespread, catastrophic power outage by any means, of more than a month in duration could be exactly the last card played by the deep state to try and ensure their crimes would be covered up and or they maintain control.
    So let’s not allow that to happen Patriots in the government, in law enforcement, and all of us regular America loving patriots can help by being aware of the problem, preparing, and praying. God bless and God bless America!!!


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