Daily Collapse Report for Feb 7 2017

Posted February 7, 2017 4:44 pm by

1. Why can’t the two sexes just work together in harmony?

The powers that be what to keep us all divided along gender and racial lines because we are easier to control and manipulate that way, and now it looks like their new mouthpiece is Hillary Clinton – you know the demon that won’t go away. According to Hillary, the future is female.

2. Iran Leader challenges president Trump…

No enemy can paralyze the Iranian nation,” Khamenei said. “(Trump) says ‘you should be afraid of me’. No! The Iranian people will respond to his words on Feb. 10 and will show their stance against such threats.” The only way to stop the Iranians from further advancing their nuclear and missile research is through direct military action because sanctions and signed agreements don’t work. But then military action would open up a host other challenges… It looks like president Trump is between that rock and a hard place… what will he do…

Meanwhile: Iran threatens US over missile launch: ‘We will show our hand THIS WEEK’

3. Wow! That was stupid and a good way to get shot…

Two men storm Michigan police station to confront cops over traffic stop. The two men were wearing body armor and carrying firearms and cameras when they stormed the police station but were arrested Sunday at a Michigan police headquarters after a brief confrontation and refusal to put down their weapons. These two degenerates are lucky to be alive…

4. Donald Trump thinks that Obama likes him…

I don’t know if he’ll admit this but he likes me and I like him. We said horrible things about each other, and then we hop into the car and we drive down Pennsylvania Avenue together, we don’t even talk about it,” he said. “Politics is amazing.” No President Trump, Obama doesn’t like you it’s called being two-faced. I agree with Trump in that politics is amazing – it’s amazing that politicians can be so full of crap, and be so many are two-faced, liars, and backstabbers.

5. Why I always carry a gun (Glock 43) and extra magazine…

William Boyette and Mary Craig Rice wanted in multi-state killing spree – The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has doubled the number of deputies on the street as the department continues searching for suspected murderers William Boyette and Mary Craig Rice, who authorities say are on a multi-state killing spree. An attempted murder Monday morning marked the third attack over the last week in a spree that has crossed state lines and left three women dead and one critically injured.

6. Isn’t that nice – he must have needed a vacation from his last vacation…

New photos show former president Obama kite-surfing and horsing around with billionaire buddy Richard Branson. For some reason when reading the article and looking at the photos I kept hearing the theme music from the movie Jaws in my head for some reason…

7. Puff, puff pass… for these folks anyways…

Professionals have become the new potheads – They are the new pot-smoking professionals — ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen who go about their daily routines while under the influence, thanks to decriminalization. Well, maybe it isn’t so bad considering business insiders recent report 23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana – it has to be safer than many of the pharmaceuticals currently prescribed for many of the health issues listed.

8. Why I never bought a “smart TV” and never will…

Vizio smart TVs tracked viewers around the clock without consent.  My ex-girlfriend had a smart TV in her house… I hope it wasn’t recording some of what happened on the couch in her living room ;-)…

9. Twitter vows to clamp down on free speech or as they like to call it “hate speech”…

In other words, they will be clamping down on conservatives and others that they don’t agree with politically – just like they did with they banned conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor of the right-wing site Breitbart New.

10. Uncertainty, that Could Cause an “Economic Crash 2017” Has Begun…

It’s coming and as I’ve been saying for weeks now is the perfect time for the powers that be to crash the system and blame it on president Trump. The risk of a total economic collapse and an implosion of the current world order seems almost inevitable.

10 responses to Daily Collapse Report for Feb 7 2017

  1. JP in MT February 7th, 2017 at 6:19 pm


    Men and women are 2 separate species simply capable of interbreeding.

    If you proceed from this assumption, things start to make sense.

    There are always those who seek power for it’s own sake. As the women’s movement has created more and more powerful women, they have become more and more frustrated that being in charge is not having the dramatic effects on society that they envisioned. Therefore they, like their male counterparts, become more and more frustrated. However, they also become more radical and loud.

    Understanding and accepting that we are different but equal in God’s eyes (vs. man’s) is the only way this will peacefully work out. One is not “better” than the other, just different. Our ability to perform the same tasks equally is not equality. We are not the same. Never were, never will be.


  2. JP in MT February 7th, 2017 at 6:21 pm


    Gee, there’s a surprise. They have been used to world leaders either having nothing to do with them or talking at them, but doing nothing.

    This will not end well.


  3. JP in MT February 7th, 2017 at 6:22 pm


    …or is that wishful thinking…


    • JP in MT February 7th, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      At this point, what else is he qualified to do?


  4. American Pacrat February 7th, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Hillary…alright where was your odd looking V hat??

    You know the one that made all the women wearing them look like they had pigs ears on their heads..NO I am not joking. Most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Appears they were all suffering from PMS or needing hormonal shots. JMHO
    Hopefully they will collect their diminished brain cells before they make fools out of themselves–again. Gheez get real.
    #2 We will see as time plays on this old age warhorse.
    #3 Really armed into a police station what in the world were they inhaling before their brain cells left their cranium!!
    #4 REALLY??
    #5 Do not blame for packing with those two losers running around, they need a dirt nap. mho
    #6 & 7 they must be hanging out with each other. Nothing like getting hi with a few of their friends.
    #8 Each TV we have replaced is NOT a smart TV. Big brothers nose up our derriere enough without it being in our entertainment.


    • right is right, wrong is wrong February 8th, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      American Pacrat #4 “Really”…………..One can look at the statement, “I don’t know if he’ll admit it this but he likes me and I like him” as a sign of being gracious just like when President Trump (I love printing those words) told everyone that Hillary had called and congradulated him on wining. I believe he was being gracious in the way he told his supporters that she called him. I don’t believe for one moment that Hillary was as nice as our President said she was when she called him. President Trump took the high road in being overly nice because it is a time for healing. What makes President Trump’s (boy those two words have a nice ring to them) integrity (I am sure that the rude young people protesting in the streets cannot even pronounce this word) stand out on the world stage is that he knows they (the big boys who are causing the riots) want to kill him and he still stands up to be heard. A nicer term for this is to say our President has “MOXY”.


    • right is right, wrong is wrong February 8th, 2017 at 8:54 pm

      #7….A very telling experiment is to ask your local policeman or policeperson which one would they rather arrest. Would it be a nasty drunk or a pothead. If they are honest (and I have had a few cops just say they would not want to arrest either plus I have never had a cop say they would rather arrest a nasty drunk first) you may hear stories about pot heads just turning around to be handcuffed and stories about potheads walking over to get into the cop car without being directed or told to get into the car. Decriminalization is coming because of the amount of taxes it will generate. About 3 years ago Colorado made 9 million dollars in taxes and pot was still illegal on a federal level. I am sure every single taxing municipality in America took notice of the 9 million.


  5. American Pacrat February 7th, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Read an article on the Bundy’s, looks like the head of snake may be taken to task on this over reach.


  6. Anonamo Also February 8th, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    #8 Smart Tv’s… have power inside that are capable to record even when unplugged.. I would unplug and have it in a faraday cage when not in use with a heavy cover or in an entertainment center with doors.


  7. Jeanne February 9th, 2017 at 1:04 am

    Let’s look at the woman thing. Hillary was a scorned woman now just not family, friends, neighborhood, but state, country, World! She was the scorned woman of the world. So what does she do run for president. A first. But remember while the rest of us go about our daily lives theses people are so consumed with their legacies. Their political science degrees prove that. They have studied the greats of history. No different with Hillary. She has a law degree. Of course she is going to say the woman card, she has heard the stories of the scorned woman. I lived in that area for 15 years. I know that to some politicians legacies are more important then even family. Some young woman think nothing can happen to them the same as teenagers feel it can’t happen to me but guess what it can and theses same young woman will cry for help when it happens to them.


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